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百分之50就是一半 可以说fifty percent of the students 也可以直接说half of the students

50 percent of the students

答案是: fifty percent of our students 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

Fifty percenr of the students are boys,the others are girls前面提到过一次学生,后面再提一次的话就用the other ,后面省略的话就用the others 代替.用汉语直观解释就是,百分之五十的是男的,另外百分之五十的是女孩,用the other ,百分之五十的是男孩,剩下的是女孩,用the others明白了吗?

50% students can go to study in colleges and universities. In higher education, families will shoulder part of the fees. Although China's education has made great achievements, it still cannot meet the demand of society.

百分之50就是一半可以说fifty percent of the students也可以直接说half of the students

百分之三十的学生每天都上网翻译英语百分之三十的学生每天都上网的英语大致是:thirty percent of students visit/access internet everyday.

百分之50的学生认为作业多病情学习压力太大50 percent of the students think that a big load of school homework plus frequent illnesses causes them too much study pressure.

There are fifty percent of the students who read every day.50 % of the students do reading / read every day.

50 percents of middle school students like Spring Festival.

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