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在PARTY上谈论食物的四e79fa5e98193e4b893e5b19e31333264663737人对话 A: May I have your attention, please? Hello, my dear friends. Welcome to my dinner party. The party is about to begin. Let's start eating now.B: Hi. The food is so

a:goodafternoon,everybody.howareyoutoday? b:fine. c:i'mgood. d:notbad.exactly,i'malittleexcited,becauseafterthisexam,wewillhavealongholiday,thewinterholiday. b:yes.itisabigholidayinchinaexceptsummerholiday,andspringfestivaliscoming. d:

我刚参加口语考试回来,跟你的对话主题一模一样,我甚至怀疑咱是不是同一个学校的以下是我找的,仅供参考,口语考试嘛,临场发挥才有成就感!祝你好运1An army of people today are fond of the TV talent show. They support it and see

1)相貌 A: That girl looks very attractive, doesn't she? B: do you think so? I don't like girls who look like that. I like girls who aren't too slim. If you like her, go and talk to

THE WAY TO SUCCESS A- Why are you so succeed?B- As a well-known proverb goes,self-confidence(自信)is the first step on the road to success.A- I have heard it ,too. What do you think about it?B- I really agree on it.Now in our daily life,the

A: Have you heard the city has passes a law against walking dogs in the streets?B: Sure, it's published in the newspapers.A: It means that dogs have to be kept inside all the time

A,B,C,D are best friends,they meet one dayA:Well,how time flies!B,C,D:Yep,we even haven't realized it.B:How long have we known each other?C:Don't you forget about it?We were born in the same year--1985,and we were neighbors.D:Wow,

原发布者:liketea2010 一、A:G'daymate,whatarewedoingthisarvo?(你好,朋友,下午我们干什么去?)B:WellIthoughtwemighthaveabarbie.(我以为我们要去烧烤的.)A:Ripper!willyouinviteyournewboyfriend?(太好另外!你会把你的新男

F Lucy Clay Marketing.Can I help you ?M Hello,Is john Lee there,Please?F I'm terribly sorry .He's in a meeting.Can I take you message?M Well,it's Mr.Kim here in Barcelona.I'm coming next week to head office.Could you tell John my plane is getting

我这里有三个主题: 1.jobsA:Kay,do you like your job? Kay,你喜欢你的工作吗? B:Why not? Teachig is a lot fun . I can meet different people and talk to them.It is a good learning experience for me too.为什么不?教书很有趣.我可以遇见不同的

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