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我们班的同学都很友善 The students in our class are very friendly.我们班的同学都很友善 The students in our class are very friendly.

Dear every leader, teacher, dear students:Good morning, everyone! I am from Guo Hailin high (2) classes, today, the topic of my speech is \"the good faith foundation, friendly to others\".Kind of honesty and faith is a pools that springs in the desert


形容词:诚实honest 友爱friendly 名词:诚实honesty 友爱friendship 副词:诚实 honestly 友爱没有副词

和善的=kindkind 英 [kand] 美 [kand] n. 〈古〉方式,方法; 本质,天性; 同类; 某类; adj. 仁慈的,体贴的; 友善的,好心的; 温和; 宽宏大量的; [例句]The party needs a different kind of leadership该党需要一种不同的领导风格.[其他] 比较级:kinder 最高级:kindest 复数:kinds

你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下: Kind hearts are more than coronets. 善良的心灵胜于显贵的地位. Kindness always begets kindness. 善有善根. Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together. 善良是连结社会的金链.

friendship英 [frendp] 美 [frndp] n.友情,友谊;友善的关系;友善,好意I value friendship. 我看重友谊.

He is friendly.friendly的意思是“友善的”或者可以写成“He is kind."

富强:prosperous and strong; thriving and powerful; rich and mighty 民主:democracy; democratic; democratic rights 文明:civilization; civilized; culture 平等:equal; equality; egality; evenness 公正:fair; just; impartial; equity; a surname 法制:

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