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my birthday

my birthday is on MAY(月) THIRD(日), 2000(年).我的生日是2000年5月3日.

1、在英国英语中,通常可有两种表达法:月日年或者日月年.写法:(the) 2(nd) May, 1988 读法:the second of May, nineteen eighty-eight 或 写法:May (the) 2(nd), 1988 读法:May the second, nineteen eighty-eight2、在美国英语中,通常

Chinese students celebrate their birthdays in different ways. But the most common way is to have fun by drinking,singing and dancing. On the birthday,one usually receives nice gifts and good wishes from friends and parents. Sometimes,parents

My birthday is on ..(17th July)

hi!my name is jesse i'm thirteen my birthday is in august do they want to come to my birthday party at three this afternoon welcome your arrival

At the beginning of my birthday.I always say "Happy birthday" to myself.Then the friends i invited will come and play with me.we shall play and play until the coming night.In the end,a wonderful birthday will be hold and all of us will sing and enjoy

my birthday is on the 8th of may.i am very happy, because my father buys a big cake for me .after dinner , my family celebrate my birthday . i make a wish and blow out the candles . do you want to know my wish ? let me tell you , i wish i can study

Q:what's your birthday?A:my birthday is on the (具体日期)

您好:March 18 is my birthday.I invited some of my best friends to take part in my birthday before a week.I got up early that day and cleaned the rooms.Then I hung up colorful lights in the room.When they came and said Happy Birthday to me,I felt

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