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AgrEE on sth造句

I agree on what you have said .agree on 和agree 的其他短语的重要区别是,agree on 是两个人经过讨论意见达到一致

agree with sb.------同意某人的观点,建议 agree to sth-------同意对方开出的条件 agree on sth-----同意双方制定的协议条款,合同1 Do you agree with me2 He didn't get the job because he didn't agree to the working conditions here.3 They agreed on the contract and signed their names.

1.I can't agree on your plan.我不同意你的计划.2.现在完成时的语言标志have done sth.这是核心.时间标志是for sometime.其他标志yet,already.例如:I haven't finished my homework yet.I have finished my homewor

i agreed to learn english 我同意学习英语了

we are agree on the point of your view 我们赞同你的观点

i agree on what you said

I agree to go hiking with him.我同意和他一起去远足.We agree to help the old people do some housework on weekends .我们同意周末帮老人做一些家务活.He agreed to do it at once.他同意立刻行动.

agree是一个使用范围很广的单词,意为“同意;赞同”.它有很多相关词组,现在把其主要用法归纳如下: 1. agree (to sth) 意为“同意;愿意;答应(某事物)”.如:Is he going to agree to our suggestion? 他会同意我们的建议吗? 2.

agree to sth.同意某事 agree to do sth.同意做某事 agree on doing sth.在……上达成一致 agree sb, with sth.同意某人在某事上的意见

agree on sth.指“就.达成一致意见”.they agreed on the price.

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